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How to know when it’s time for a career change?

Gearing up for a big career change is like anything in life: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. But don’t let the hard work discourage your ambitions! There’s nothing fun about feeling stuck in a rut, not enjoying your job or slowly realising your line of work isn’t going to cut it for…

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A parents guide to Apprenticeships with Yuzu

As a parent or guardian, you play a crucial role in supporting your child to explore the world of opportunities available to them for life after school. Here at Yuzu, we understand it can be difficult to know where to start or keep up with the latest opportunities available. This is where we come in.…

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Tips to be more environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly can not only save the planet but it can also help you to save money on your energy bills. With the recent 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26. The world leaders are discussing what can be done to help the environment and tackle climate change. Here are some tips for ways…

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