At Yuzu Training we understand this is an exceedingly difficult and uncertain time for everyone from learners to our employers. This COVID-19 update will cover how we have adapted and continue to work throughout the pandemic.

Our training practices have adapted to utilise technology to deliver remote training, keeping learners and employers safe while still delivering our high standard of training.

We now offer the following adjustments:
• Remote training via various online learning platforms such as iCQ and other video conferencing software to all learners
• Physical visits at employer site, only by manager agreement and where a risk assessment is in place to protect both learner and trainer
• Remote EPA using iCQ
• COVID-19 secure exams at our centre in Southampton with Risk assessment carried out and social distancing guidelines and rules enforced.

Remote Training with Yuzu Training

It is extremely important for our training to continue to be delivered at a high standard. We are committed to ensure every learner continues their studies with minimal impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our trainers are very experienced in training remotely, and have adapted to use technology that meets the learners needs including: Phone calls, Whatsapp and Zoom. Our eportfolio iCQ system is available from computer desktops for learners to receive and submit their work and engage in online web meetings. Our Trainers will ensure resources and assignments are available to learners at all times.

Trainers can effectively use Remote Training sessions for many activities:

  • Remote Teaching sessions using electronic resources / sharing screen
    • Webinars for group training and support
    • Discuss assignments and work set
    • Feedback and support on work given and completed
    • Maths and English support using online resources
    • Professional Discussions to capture evidence or prep for EPA

Our Teams are working remotely to reduce the risk of transmission and spread of the virus.

Mental Health Support and Social Isolation

Looking after your mental health and the health of those around you is extremely important especially at this time. We are committed to ensure your remote learning is effective as possible and that it meets the individual needs of the learners. We believe this is an effective way to minimise the spread of the virus to keep social contact to a minimum and to keep everyone safe.

There are many useful resources online to help you if you are struggling with your mental health. They can be found at the following link:

Mind: Coronavirus and your mental health
If your mental health is affected then please contact your trainer or our safeguarding officer. We are here to support you.