Who is this course suitable for?

  • Lean organisation techniques in business
  • Business improvement tools and techniques
  • Those working with the vulnerable
  • Those working with the elderly
  • Those who work in public environments such as stadiums and other public environments

This qualification is ideal for you if you’re working in a business improvement role that has responsibility for improving processes and quality and reducing costs.

It is also useful if you’re looking to enter employment as it provides knowledge that will be attractive to employers.

If you’re involved in business, at any level, and require a fundamental understanding of business improvement techniques then this qualification is ideal for you.

This qualification aims to help you:

The qualification consists of 3 mandatory units. The mandatory units will help you gain skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Unit 01 Lean organisation techniques in business (5 credits)

In this unit you’ll gain an understanding of the concept of a lean environment, be able to implement a productivity needs analysis and produce a process map.

  • Unit 02 Business improvement tools and techniques (5 credits)

In this unit you’ll learn about continuous improvement techniques (Kaizen) and the principles and techniques of workplace organisation. You’ll also be able to use visual indicators to improve the work environment and suggest ways to eliminate variance from processes in the workplace.

  • Unit 03 Working in business teams (5 credits)

In this unit you’ll develop an understanding of what makes an effective team and will work effectively in a team. You’ll also look at what makes an effective team leader.

The units will help you to develop your existing experience and skills and will support you in pursuing your career in lean organisation management.

What are the career/progression opportunities?

This qualification could provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for employment in a range of job roles in a wide variety of sectors where business improvement techniques are required. Example job roles could include:

  • Shop Floor Operative 
  • Materials Handler 
  • Business Administrator 
  • Purchaser 
  • Quality Control / Assurance Operator 
  • Customer Service Assistant

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